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This one goes out to all the ladies, or, Republican Playground Sex Laws

To begin I am assuming that we are adults here and I can talk about adult things. If you for some reason let your kids read my rants, then that's just weird, you are a weird parent. But it's okay if they read this because kids should know about certain things, otherwise they end up stupid Republicans that don't know how basic human reproduction works.

So this may be strange to some women, but my Dad was an OB/GYN. So my sex-ed included medical journals laying around the house with very un-sexy diagrams, as well as dinner-time jokes that I didn't quite understand about his day at work. My dad also asked me what I knew about herpes when I was 20 years old.

That being said my education, if strange was clinical, comprehensive and scientifically accurate.
So I was often surprised at the ignorance I experienced from kids my age, in what they believed as far as how a girl could or could not get pregnant, from the rhythm method as viable contraception, climaxing at the same time being the only way to conceive, to pregnancy resulting from anal sex. Seriously, I heard some weird shit.

What is most disturbing about Republicans nowadays is not necessarily their war on reproductive rights. It's that they base this war on the same kind of ignorance I saw from 8-16 year old kids.
Todd Akin is not some outlier, some Extremist Tea Partier who has fringe beliefs. He represents the mainstream Conservative Christian view on sex. Their ideology comes from a long history of bizarre laws governing sex form St. Augustine's denial of of pleasure, to Medieval laws dictating that sex was "banned on all Sundays ... as well as the 20 days before Christmas, the 40 days before Easter, and often the 20 days before Pentecost" which meant you could not have sex "about 40% of each year."

Add another 16% due to the law about avoiding women during their period and more than half the year is off limits. Sorry folks.

That's just early Catholicism, lest we forget the Puritans and modern Evangelicals.
Ideology always is paramount with Republicans. And what follows justifies anything and everything regardless of how absurd the statement, ie, "God hereby sanctions the baby resulting from your Uncle raping you, so just lay there and enjoy it, you might as well."

Here are some more Republicans who's sex-ed began and ended on the playground: http:,

So even though I feel well educated I still have no right to speak to women's reproductive rights because, well we all know why. So I'll let Rachel Maddow and author Michelle Goldberg do the talking.


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