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Go ahead and say that stupid thing you were about to say, or, freedom of CAPS-LOCK speech

The internet is a perfect example what happens when the freedom to say whatever is on one's mind is codified into law. When you create a completely open forum for anyone to open their maw you get everything from the entirety of Shakespeare's writing to attacks on Star Trek without the camera shake. You also get a butt-ton of misinformation and bull-malarkey, as demonstrated by the largely well off, educated white middle class anti-vaxer movement. And that is under attack. Obama has appointed the former top lobbyist of the Cable Industry to head the FCC, and next to the Military Industrial Complex representatives at Northrop Grumman, the largest Lobbysit in DC is Comcast. John Oliver's bit on this is brilliant. Now I would love to install a stupid filter on the internet. But seeing as if you put anyone in charge of the content, there is a risk that anyone's speech could be denied. And since putting the highest bidder in charge has already destroyed