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My Diddy on Ferguson MO, or, Ya'll Need to Get Pissed

I heard a caller on Radio Times this morning mention how none of her white friends were as outraged as her black friends over what is happening in Ferguson, MO. I agree. More people from all backgrounds need to be angrier and screaming louder in support for a community that is largely ignored in our country, and that is being silenced once more. Even those on the other side, including the nut-bags should be supporting the locals in their response to an overzealous and over-reaching Police Force, and ineffectual and unresponsive political class. But we all know what would happen if the Tea-Baggers came out in support of a Black Community fighting for their rights. But I digress. This story best represents for me what is going on in Ferguson. His sadness and anger are palpable. via NPR As the Pastor, who is standing in front the young man, states "If it's not touching you, if it's not personal, that's where there's a problem.&q